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9 months ago
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So after talking about birth stories with a friend, my fiance and I discovered we are in disagreement about circumcision.

Normally being in disagreement is okay-except when one person is completely ignorant about their opinion. This is how it went:

Him: “if we have a boy we are getting him circumcised”

Me “that isn’t your decision alone”

Him: “he will have health problems if we don’t”

Me: “really? Have you done any research? Can you tell me about those health problems?”

Him: “well getting circumcised never did me any harm”

Me: “so you’re basing your decision on old information and the fact that you got lucky enough not to have suffered from it?”

Him: “we are still doing it”

Me: ” You are going to read all the facts about it. You are going to learn the pros and cons  Then we will have this conversation again when the time is right”

The problem is that this practice is so common that people don’t even think about pros and cons. They just do it. Like convenience c-sections and epidurals. Of course that’s not true for everyone. Some people do their research but it’s not like doctors or hospitals encourage that. Why? Because they make money off those procedures. Money makes the world go round. Sadly.

9 months ago
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Will Male Circumcision be banned in 2014?








Oh gosh. This is ridiculous.


ridiculous it’s taken until 2014 for…

When I had my baby, the hospital that I was in stopped accepting Medicaid for circumcision. It was considered a cosmetic procedure and not medically necessary.

I had a girl so this didn’t affect me, but my point is that it’s happening. The views on it are being changed and it would not shock me if it were outlawed.

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9 months ago
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Scarlett is in such a good mood today. I got so much done. I’ve been playing music and cleaning and she’s just been dancing and playing. I got my floors, baseboards, heaters and window sills scrubbed clean. My house is almost sparkling. Now I can relax with baby without feeling guilty or like I should be doing something else. If someone stopped by unexpectedly I wouldn’t have to be all “ahh I’m sorry about the mess”.
I still have a few more things I’d like to get done but for now my baby deserves some attention and one on one time. She’s growing up so fast.

9 months ago
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I guess we are going through a rough patch.

Because this is the second post venting about my fiance within a week. I don’t even feel bad about it because I know how he talks to people about me.

Well this argument started out really stupid. I told him i didn’t want him playing space balls when around because it’s fucking obnoxious and I saw it enough times as a teen.

He responded with ‘I hate how everything is so one sided’ I was really thrown off by it and snapped ‘yeah? Well me too” he went on to tell me it’s not like that for me. “Whenever you want to do something I drop what I’m doing” um. Excuse me? That’s not even a little true. He doesn’t even stop what he’s doing for sex. He’ll say “I just need to finish this round ffirst” and he wonders why I don’t seem passionate in bed anymore. Kind of hard to feel passion when you’re put on the back burner for a damn video game.

He ALWAYS does what he wants to do. Yesterday he came home from work and actually asked me to just turn off the show I was watching, so he could play video games and I could sit here doing nothing like every other night. I told him after the episode was over but that should have been common courtesy you know?

And he acts so innocent. I can’t talk to him about it. I’ve tried 1000 times and he always makes me look like the bad guy and he never does anything wrong. He has a million excuses for everything.

I’m sick of it. Ugh.

9 months ago
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Day one. Pretty good considering ny breakfast was a can of fruit and eggs, and my lunch was a can of peas with cheese. Just went grocery shopping and bought tons of fresh and frozen stuff, no cans. Tomorrow will be better. 1290 cals total

Day one. Pretty good considering ny breakfast was a can of fruit and eggs, and my lunch was a can of peas with cheese. Just went grocery shopping and bought tons of fresh and frozen stuff, no cans. Tomorrow will be better. 1290 cals total

9 months ago
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I’m sick.

Temp 101
Dizzy. Nauseous.
I’ve been in the bathroom aaaaaaaalllll day.
I really hope I can sleep it off.

9 months ago
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Sometimes I think
My baby is not a baby anymore.
She’s growing up too fast.

Then I lay her down for her nap.
She begins to fuss.

I give her a cup of milk.
She drinks it
And calms down.

I love my baby.

9 months ago
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Why am I here?

I made this so I could vent about things that happen in my life, and to write down the good things as memories.
Also because, well, as a stay at home mom I dont get much conversation and writing things out sort of replaces talking to someone. Sort of.

However, more than half of the time I choose not to post, mainly because I was taught internet safety at a young age and I guess it just stuck.

I just can’t feel comfortable posting tons of pics and information about myself, my fiance, and especially my baby-on a blog that is completely public. At least with facebook I can somewhat dictate who sees what.

Sure, I could make a private blog with a password. Then I’d feel even more like I’m talking to myself.

9 months ago
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It’s cold.


I hope we can find a place in South Carolina quickly. I could use some sun and green trees. Not like the dead ones we have here.

I also like walking and jogging. Outside. It’s my absolute favorite way to get exercise. Treadmills are lame.

And i want my little girl to be able to play outside without snow pants. And make friends at the park.

And. I guess that’s all I have to say about that. For now

9 months ago
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